The Adakai family has handcrafted silver jewelry for over 30 years; we are from the Navajo Nation located in Arizona and New Mexico.

The products on our website are expertly crafted with fine detail and special attention is given to each of our products to ensure our customers will have jewelry that lasts a lifetime. The artwork/images provided are all copyrighted to Adakai Silver and Arts and each piece of sterling silver jewelry is trademarked with the artist name Ray Adakai (brother).

Thank you for browsing and we hope you will fall in love with the life of silver and turquoise.

We strive to provide a variety of options in American Indian-Native American hand-made jewelry. 

Silver and turquoise jewelry – will differ from one piece to the next and may tarnish over time.  Please ask for after purchase care if needed.

We hope you will be genuinely pleased with your purchased jewelry. 

Packaging will be carefully completed and shipped from USPS.

We are currently only shipping to U.S. addresses and U.S. military addresses (APO etc.) All sales are final.

“Our artwork provides an avenue to highlight the ruggedness and traditional jewelry from yesteryear. We hope it captures our commitment and enthusiasm in honoring professional Navajo silversmiths. Thank you again.”

Mattie Adakai
U.S. Army Retired